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Privacy Policy


Interpretation of Basic terms

Privacy Policy is a summary of any activity or operations carried out by the Operator in the processing of data provided by Users of the Application, e.g. their gathering, collection, recording, organization, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, alignment, combination, transfer, use, storage, disposal, transmission, disclosure, or publishing so as to keep the purpose of handling and to secure their legal protection.

The data Operator is the Operator of the mobile Application O doprave.

Data is information that doesn´t have the nature of the personal data and is provided by the User to the Operator. The Operator does not process personal data of Users in the database.


Purpose of the data processing, data access, data collecting, data protection

Purpose of the data processing

The Operator processes, i.e. obtains, collects, records, organizes, revise, changes, searches, browses, regroups, combines, moves, uses, keeps, removes, transmits, shares, discloses or publishes the anonymized data of Users of mobile Application for the purpose of:

  • a) Providing further updates and improvements of the mobile Application
  • b) Any communication with Users.
  • c) Statistical surveys on the usage of the mobile Application and its structure.

User’s data will not be processed by Operator for marketing purposes.

Access to anonymized data

The data provided by the User before being entered in the Operator’s system are anonymized and therefore it is not possible to obtain Users’ access or it is not possible to identify them by a particular User. Anonymization of data is ensured by the Operator. Operator, and persons authorized by the Operator for the performance of Application support have the exclusively access to anonymized data.

The data collection method

User data is collected through mobile Application. All user data are recorded in anonymised form. The User can any time turn on and off the functionality enabling the Operator to collect data.

Privacy Policy

User´s data are transmitted through a secure HTTPS protocol.


Range of supplied and processed data

The Operator automatically processes anonymized information about the hardware and software of the User's device, such as information about the device on which the Application is installed, including anonymized location, date of installation, frequency and extent of use of services in installed Application, User – generated content, the time elapsed since the last login. The Operator shall use anonymous, statistical or collective information (including anonymous localization) in a form, that does not identify a specific user.

The data provided to the Operator by the User are not accessible to other individual Users and are used, pursuant to this Privacy Policy, only for the purposes of Operator.


Final Provisions

The User acknowledges, by installing the Application that he has read the Privacy Policy and understands them and grants permission to the Operator to use the data within the meaning and scope as provided in terms of Privacy Policy.

The current terms of Privacy Policy are available on and on the application screen About the Application.

The Operator reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time, the above mentioned Privacy Policy at its sole discretion, particularly with regard to the modifications of the provided services on the mobile Application and the related changes in the scope of required personal and other data of the User. The Operator is obliged, in an appropriate manner, to give prior notice to the User regarding the modifications, particularly on the From the effective date of the modification the bilateral relations of the Operator and the User, are governed by the modified Privacy Policy and this is confirmed by usage of the application by the User after he received the information about modification of the Privacy Policy. If the User delivers his disagreement with modifications of the General Terms to the Operator within 30 days after the publication of modification of changed General Terms, is considered that the User has indicated his willingness to terminate the contractual relationship with the Operator, which will then be terminated on the date of delivery of the User’s disagreement to the Operator.

Effective Date / last change/ update 01/01/2017